If your concrete has settled or is uneven, we can help!

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What types of problems can concrete raising fix?

Some common areas we raise, level and repair are concrete slab patios, front porches, driveways, sidewalks, garage & parking slabs, steps, and pool decks.

Benefits to concrete lifting:


Typically half the cost of replacing concrete.

Cost Effective

The cost of raising or stabilizing concrete is a direct reflection of how much leveling material the project requires


Ready to use immediately!

Ready to use immediately!

You can drive on, walk on, and play on it the same day!


Clean work environment

Clean Work Environment

No concrete or grout splatter and no wash down needed.


Poly foams used are environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials.

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Steps to Raising Your Concrete

Most concrete raising jobs will take a few hours —start to finish—and your concrete will be ready for use immediately upon completion!


Injection holes are strategically drilled around the areas where the concrete is sunken and requires lifting.

Drill is the first step in concrete leveling


Once everything is prepped and the hose and materials are in place, the polyurethane foam is injected through the holes. It expands to fill the space underneath the concrete slab, using the slab itself to drive the foam into the crevices, there by lifting the concrete back to its original position.

Pump is the second step in concrete leveling


Once the concrete is stabilized and lifted to the proper protocol, the injection holes are filled with new cement, allowing you to use your surface immediately.

Patch is the final step in concrete leveling

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