frequently asked questions

Concrete raising is typically half the cost of replacing your concrete slab. When large voids are present, this can increase the cost of the repair. When using polyurethane material, the smaller hole size, lighter material weight, and fewer injection holes, make the investment in polyurethane well worth it.

Polyurethane foam concrete raising material is injected as a liquid and solidifies into a rigid foam. Unlike traditional methods, this foam maintains its density and does not shrink over time. Additionally, the smaller holes result in virtually invisible repairs.

When you select polyurethane to repair your concrete, the truck stays parked on the street and a hose is directly connected from the trailer to the repair site without any equipment driving onto your lawn.

We specialize in lifting and stabilizing solid concrete slabs. Severely cracked concrete slabs may also be too damaged for lifting. However, we offer comprehensive services, including lifting for various surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, footings, patios, garage floors, basement floors, and office floors. If you’re unsure whether your concrete can be raised, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free estimate. We will assess your project and provide an accurate quote. Repairing settled concrete can often cost half as much as replacing it, with minimal damage to your landscaping and less downtime.